• Travel in Time to 2025 - The Aged of Forced Vaccination

    A deep thought-provoking science fiction, short story

Travel in Time to 2025 – The Age of Forced Vaccination

Now let’s have some fun and travel in time –  (Is this really fun?) A scene from our documentary “Dying for Profits.” Under Construction

It’s 2025, and we had eventually lost the battle in Trenton, New Jersey. Wee Lee got his way and controls the political vote to sway it to benefit pharma as usual; pharma lobbyists pile more and more money into his political machine. Wee Lee also uses George Norrod’s (his long-time friend since childhood) financial influence to sway legislatures to vote in pharma’s best interest. His brother Filomd Norrod and his law firm write more vaccine legislature for Swee Lee to coerce his peers into voting to approve by dangling Norrods’s financial assistance to their future lobbying funds across their eyes like a hypnotizing pendulum luring them into corruption. Norcross knows it is money well spent since his pharmaceutical; financial interests will soar. 

Because you are uncertain of the investigation, former Governor Murphy started, looking into the aforementioned trios fraud is still not completed. The pharmaceutically controlled politicians have taken away the medical exemptions for vaccination in New Jersey. Every other child now develops autism as Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., had predicted it would by this year, and a plethora of children are becoming disabled and or dying. For years, we had known that if the rates of autism increased along with the same rates they had been, by 2025, one in two children would be autistic. Still, they disregarded the warnings, and the pharma/Monsanto war rooms buried the information as they have been doing for decades.

The pharmaceutical revolving door between the FDA, the CDC, and the entities long ago we used to believe protected us, is spinning even faster than before. Political influence is powerful—they were able to make it illegal to home school your children. Parents are terrified, and many women are no longer having children. The abortion rates escalate as medical kidnapping is streaming at an all-time high. If you don’t vaccinate your children, DFYS steps in without delay, takes your children, and puts them in foster care. If you fight back too hard, you are looking at jail time. Medical experimentation and over-medicating foster children increase exponentially.  The foster children are over-diagnosed much more than before and highly medicated for profits in more ways than one. The percentage of foster children who end up in the sex trafficking industry increased drastically, and the numbers are terrifying. The corrupt system allows the states to receive even more money than before, taking a child and adopting them.

You can’t research much because google, a pharmaceutical company, has the information age on lockdown. Censorship is everywhere, and the only way to truly get accurate information is from the boots on the ground organizations. The mainstream, owned by the pharmaceutical industry, has increased its percentage of commercials from forty-two percent to 80%. The propaganda machine is hard at work. Mainstream media now gets ninety percent of its income from pharma instead of the seventy-five you once knew about when you began questioning everything.

Forced medical procedures are now mandated, and you have lost all control over what goes into your bodies and your children’s bodies. You start to wonder if you are living in Hitler’s Germany or communist China? You watch your family and friends get sicker and ravaged with illness. Chronic disease rates quickly go up from fifty-four percent to seventy-four percent in children. Now that vaccines are mandated for adults, people’s lives are devastated by sudden illnesses that stop them in their tracks, quickly debilitating them from the forced vaccination.

The pharmaceutical industry is basking in its glory as trillions of dollars of profits keep pouring in from their sickness by design campaign. Nothing can be done because the now so blatantly obvious, undeniably corrupt political business of sickness cannot be stopped. It’s gained too much momentum. You look back and wonder how only five years ago, you questioned their motives and really thought they were trying to protect society by eliminating religious exemptions to vaccines.

Our president wants nothing but profits and a soaring economy. Still, after years of record-breaking numbers, the disease has ravaged society to the point the workforce is overburdened and greatly depleted.

The sickness business is fueling the wealth of the handful of billionaires who pull all the strings while the rest of society is falling apart. The already filthy rich are getting even wealthier, and the sick are getting sicker.

Current legislation is approved, which will allow vaccine squads to force you to vaccinate your children at gunpoint and or put you in jail for new non-compliance-vaccination laws. The boot’s on the ground organizations are frantically trying to figure out why this forced vaccination has only pertained to children for so long? Why must they vaccinate everyone when there is no science to back up their mandates? 

Pharma lobbying is in full force in New Jersey and nationwide, and the influence is beyond compare. Many of the 273 vaccines in the pipe-line have been fast-tracked and approved, including the Ebola vaccine. 

The government has mandated the enforcement of its catch-up 2025 program. You are forced to get fifty-four doses of vaccines over the next two-year period, and your children get ninety-four by the time they are ten. Children no longer receive just seventy-two doses; you expect it to increase again.

You must show up at a state-run clinic and have your shots administered in front of state witnesses, or at the end of the month, your driver’s license will be revoked, and you will be fined during tax time. There are very few exceptions to this rule, and even the most brilliant criminally-minded cannot find a way around forced vaccination.  If you do not show up, you are warned, and you have one month to comply before you are put on the list to have the vaccine squad barrel through your front door.

By the end of the first year of the catch-up program, some of your family members already had health issues, and the vaccines have made them much worse and given them new illnesses and new medications.  You hear story after story of toxic adverse reactions to these vaccines, and you do not know what to do. Sickness and disability are prevalent throughout society. There are no longer enough people to fill jobs. The economy is at a point of instability, and the political machine is not concerned. Those who run it have saved millions of dollars of their profits from sickness investments, and somehow, they can avoid vaccination. Wee Lee’s children are vibrant and healthy since his pharma cronies told him, “Under no circumstances should you ever vaccinate your children.” —and he did not.

They have started an Ebola fear-based propaganda campaign in advance. They knew in the clinical trials that the Ebola vaccine spreads Ebola, but they will say it is spreading through contact when the disease spreading campaign begins, not through vaccination—it’s all preplanned. Just as they knew Vioxx could kill millions but released it to the public anyway—they do not care. 

You have the news on in the background, and you hear mostly Ebola information on the News day in and day out.  With the Ebola clinical trials taking place, cases of the disease start appearing in Chicago near the location where they conduct them. Pharma had the vaccine manufactured, produces, and ready for distribution before the fear campaign began. Where ever the vaccine is given, new cases of Ebola appear. News of the breakouts fuels the vaccination campaign. The physically forced vaccine compliance teams are already in place. The more the news spreads, the more people are vaccinated. The more they vaccinate, the more Ebola is spreading.

(Do you think this sounds too far fetched? Read this – New Oral Polio Vaccine to Bypass Key Clinical Trials   This vaccine is to combat the vaccine-induced form of polio spreading.   Vaccine-derived polio threatens as many as 210 million children globally, according to the World Health Organization.)

It’s nearing the end of 2025, and you never in this lifetime thought you would see this day. As you start to reflect on the past, as many people do at the end of the year,  you think about when you thought anti-vaxers were conspiracy theorists and relied on quack science when there is a knock on your door.  You jump to your feet. You are not sure yet if you will comply with the mandatory Ebola vaccine or fight when the time comes. This crosses your mind as goosebumps fill your body from head to toe. Will they bring Ebola to your house, you think to yourself? Or an Ebola vaccine? You contemplate, which is worse as you open the door. It’s a boot on the ground worker. They could not call in advance or text. Everyone’s phones and computers are surveilled, especially those suspected of “spreading misinformation.”

A guy known as Bob Boots tells you the word is that they believe they have found something in the vaccines that are forced upon children that will make them unable to have children. It is, in fact, a sterilization tool.  You had always wondered how many women choose “not” to have children today and how many are “not able” to have children.  Years ago, there was a bunch of ho-haw about a de-population agenda, and that now crosses your mind too.  Words of a revolt are carried on in your conversation. The government had made many attempts to restrict access to firearms, but an underground black market trade emerged, and Bob Boots gives you a brochure on how and where to get guns and ammo. Your one of the trusted crowd.  Neither of you believes it has come to this, and you talk about the Constitution of the United States, the Supreme Law of the land you used to live by.

As the last night of 2025 comes to an end, you begin reflecting once again. You ask yourself, had you and all the others who could have questioned the political machine, not blindly trusted them, and put time and effort into research back in the day—would it have made a difference in the nightmare you call life in 2025?

(Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., has published over 170 scholarly peer-reviewed articles and tells ut that at today’s rate, by 2025, one in two children will be autistic.”)

WNYC and ProPublica reported that of the $1.6 billion in tax breaks for companies that agreed to make a capital investment in Camden, at least $1.1 billion went to Businesses or charities connected to Norcross or people in his orbit.