• Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Brings Truth, Facts and Awareness

    to the New Jersey Vaccine Exemption Battle

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. –  New Jersey Vaccine Exemptions

Thank you, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., for bringing awareness, exposing the truth, and fighting for justice in America.  It was an honor to stand next to you today at the State House in Trenton, New Jersey, as you lead us in our battle for freedom and civil rights.

“The greatest crisis that America faces today is the chronic disease epidemic in America’s children.” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

We listened intently today as Robert F. Kennedy spoke to us with passion and conviction as he exposed the truth about vaccines in his speech in front of the State House. Once again, the New Jersey community gathered to stand up for civil rights and medical freedom in our state.  Protesters arrived today to object to the state bills that would put the government in charge of decisions regarding vaccines. New Jersey has laws on the table that will infringe upon health choices. The bill will take away the religious exemption currently allowed in New Jersey.

People circled the State House building in a Jericho March, a prayer walk to pray against passing the laws to take away religious freedom in New Jersey.

Medical and Religious Exemptions

NJ accepts valid medical and religious exemptions (reasons for not showing proof of immunizations) as per N.J. Immunization of Pupils in School regulations, (N.J.A.C. 8:57-4). But Stephen Sweeney, the senate president, who may have the pharmaceutical industry’s best interest in mind, appears to be hell-bent on changing this.

More than fifty percent of all children now have a chronic illness, much of which can be attributed to the abundance of vaccinations children receive. Robert F. Kennedy goes into detail in his speech about how sick our children are today compared to years ago. Children receive seventy-two vaccine doses today, and they are not sufficiently safety tested. He has the publics’ best interests in mind and states facts in his message. When you read negative things about John F. Kennedy, Jr. or anyone who opposes the pharma machine, the source almost always originates in the big pharma war rooms. They bombard the internet and mainstream with propaganda in an attempt to control and manipulate how you think and feel about vaccines. Robert F. Kennedy tells us about Google’s pharmaceutical influence.

This time, the battle in Trenton is not about whether you agree or disagree with the toxicity of vaccination and whether you disregard the 4.3 billion dollars that V.A.E.R.S. has paid out in vaccine damages. This argument is about the government taking away our civil rights. Taking away our religious exemption violates our constitutional rights, and New Jersey will not stand for it.  The government is trying to take control over us, and if they win, we have to wonder what will be next? Read a short science-fiction story we wrote and ask yourself if it is too far fetched to believe it can come true?

This battle is not over. We must continue to fight. Please Make a call, send an email forward this article, or take some form of action. The email address and phone numbers are on this page.

Send a message: Stop serving the pharmaceutical companies and start serving the people!


Del Bigtree led the fight for our rights on December 16th, when the Senate did not have enough votes to pass the bill into law. We believe that the protest played a crucial part in the bill, not passing.  

Show up again this Thursday, January 9th, for the next protest and have your voices heard! Please pass this on. The Senate has the right to vote on this bill again between January 6th and 14th.

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