1. Sneaky Despicable Move by Sweeney

    In a NJ 101.5 article, they write: In a sneaky, despicable move, Sweeney replaced three Democrats who had planned to vote no, with members who voted yes. The vote was 6-4 to pass it. These are the kinds of maneuvers that prove you have no say in what goes on in your state. He removed the power of the representatives of the people with HIS will. Do powerful pharmaceutical lobbies and big money have anything to do with this, or is it for public safety? If you’re not smart enough to know the answer, then you deserve what you get.

  2. Senator Sweeney Says We are “Making Things Up”

    A statement from Senate President Steve Sweeney, a Gloucester County Democrat. — Sweeney said, 

    “There is no science to back up the arguments these people are making. They are making things up.” — “They can cheer all they want, but we’re not walking away from it,” 

    The following is taken directly from the Public Information obtained on a VAERS report, which Sweeney has access to should he chose to investigate in between receiving donations from special interests. Are we making this up? There is a plethora of science-based evidence that he refuses to acknowledge while he continually uses propaganda terms such as “safe and effective.”

    Please read the details of the VAERS reports we are making up.

    Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS)

    Write-up: Pt vaccinated with DTP/OPV (1st set) 6 hrs ltr 20 mins, and a feeding found dead. Autopsy report SIDS

    Write-up: On 28 JUL 90 (48 hrs after DTP/OPV immunization), the infant experienced a fever of 104, the following day, an infant was fed 8 oz of formula and 2 hrs later expired. Taken to E.R. was pronounced dead on arrival.

    Write-up: Pt had low-grade fever & fussiness within 12 hrs /p vaccination, slept well that evening. Following moring infant was fine; taken to the babysitter and was placed in the crib for nap. Infant was found dead ar 1:00 pm. Autospy report list SIDS.

    Write-up: normal 4 month old infant received DTP/OPV in the office at on March 28 90, put to bed at 10:00pm; found dead at 10:30 pm.

    Write-up: Hypotonic, Hyporesponsive episode, Infant died: Reyes text Syndrome. Vaccine given for routine immunizations.

    Write-up: child found dead in bed January 14 90. Had full check up January 12 90 with immunizations DPT/HIB/Oral Polio

    Write-up: normal 4 moth old infant received DTP/OPV in office at on March 28 90, put to bed at 10:00pm; found dead at 10:30 pm.

    Write-up: Pt found in crib unresponsive at 09:00 6-27-90; DTP & OPV given on 06-25-90 at 15:00. Pt to E.R. via ambo, no spontaneous heartbeat, pulse or resp. CPR and defib attempted, could not convert v-fib to NSR.

    Write-up: Pt received DPT vacc. @ 11 a.m. January 24 90, January 25 90 child discovered not breathing & CPR was administered. MEDEVACed to Stormont-Vail Medical Ctr, Tokepa, pronounced dead, only symptom noted periods of “blank staring” exhibited by the child.

    Write-up: Pt vaccinated with DTP/OPV found to have funny breathing early AM later mother found her not breathing. Child died.

    Write-up: Child immunized with DTP/OPV vaccines on 11 SEP 90. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Date died: 1990-09-13

    And the list goes on and on, but we are making this up?

    As of December 14, 2019, The VAERS database — Found 4,305 cases where Age is under-18 and Patient Died. 

    Are we making this up? We propose putting Del Bigtree and Robert F. Kennedy in a room with our Senators for a debate before the vote.

    1. Both the U.S. Congress and the Supreme Court have concluded that government licensed and recommended childhood vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.”
      1. As a quid pro quo, manufacturers enjoy significant tort-liability protections. Most importantly, the Act eliminates manufacturer liability for a vaccine’s unavoidable, adverse side effects.


The Battle is Not Over Yet.

Get ready for round two New Jerseys. We have set a precedent, and people around the country are watching what we just did. They are using New Jersey as an example, saying, “we can do that too.” And they absolutely can. Join a group, create a group, sign up for our newsletter, make a small donation, do whatever it is you have to do to be a part of this. Let’s double or triple the size of the crowd if we are needed again. 

New Jersey is so very grateful to Del Bigtree not only for leading the fight nationwide but also coming to the streets of Trenton to stand firm for what is right. Del Bigtree has been making changes that will better humanity. His organization, The Informed Consent Action Network, is battling strong to allow you to keep the authority over your health choices and those of your children. His group came to New Jersey to lead the way, and they are dedicated to bringing you the truth. They put the facts straight on the table to educate you with documented peer-reviewed science. The puppet masters put the propaganda on the table to lead you down the road to a false reality and purposely confuse you.

You can go to ICAN and sign up for their newsletter. Read their literature and court documents. Please educate yourself and spread the word. It’s time to take back control. If you are not educated on the vaccination topic, please read some of their articles. Join Del’s Facebook Page — The Highwire.

We are now and have always been living in an age of false information. We ask you to question everything. Do not believe what you see on the mainstream. The pharmaceutical industry owns them. Seventy-five percent of the mainstreams’ income comes from pharma; therefore, they own them. Do not believe everything that you read. They have war rooms that flood the internet with false information. They have no argument in the vaccine debate, so they attack the credibility of the people who bring you the truth. They have been propagandizing us to promote their products at the expense of our health since the day we were born.

Please join our mailing list and consider donating. The money will go to cover the costs of making the documentary series and promote our movement to come together to organize against the special interests that control our laws. What we have in mind is grouping together the leaders who are fighting for your rights into one unstoppable force. If we unite, we can take back control, and the pharmaceutical industry will lose its stronghold on its power and manipulation of the people. Let’s promote the truth and fight back.

Parents Needed to Tell their Stories.

Who Voted to Take Your Rights Away

The Assembly passed the bill. The Senate did not.

New Jersey Assembly Bill 3818 — Result: Passed.

Rep. Armato, John [D] YES

Rep. Benson, Daniel R. [D] Abstained

Rep. Conaway Jr., Herbert “Herb” C. [D] YES

Rep. Eustace, Timothy J. [D] NAY

Rep. Green, Gerald “Jerry” [D] Abstained

Rep. Gusciora, Reed [D] YES 

Rep. Jimenez, Angelica M. [D] YES

Rep. Munoz, Nancy F. [R] YES

Rep. Peterson, Erik [R] NAY

Rep. Pinkin, Nancy J. [D]  YES

Rep. Rumpf, Brian E. [R] NAY

Rep. Schepisi, Holly T. [R]  Abstained

Rep. Speight, Shanique [D] YES

Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg and Sen. Joe Vitale Stated in a joint statement – “These are vaccines that have been proven to be safe for the children who receive them and effective in protecting the health of others.”


FACT: VAERS – Adverse Events from Vaccine Search as of 12-19-2019

94,993 cases – Serious – 44.17% of the adverse events were reported in children 17 and under. 

58,70 cases 17 and under, became disabled

4,305 cases resulted in Death

And these vaccines are proven safe and effective

An HHS-funded review of VAERS concluded that “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported” to VAERS.

FACT: Vaccines are NOT safe and effective. 4.3 billion dollars have been paid out for vaccine injuries. We ask you, Senators, is this your definition of safe and effective? We want a statement from you specifically addressing the 4.3 billion dollars paid out for vaccine injuries, and please use the words safe and effective in the same sentence. Please address your response directly to the parents of the 4,305 children reported to be killed by vaccines.

FACT: There is a massive amount of science about vaccines and their toxicity and the adverse side effects. If you chose to look for it, you could easily find it.


FOLLOW THE MONEY — Herb Conaway Jr.

Pharmaceutical and Health Products Contributions — 214 Records — $141,775

Email him: asmconaway@gmail.com

Bill Sponsor — Conaway, Herb Jr. – Total Contributions — $3,260,796

$969,570 was contributed from the total Healthcare Sector

Pharmaceutical and Health Products — 214 Records — $141,775

Health and Welfare Policy, Ideology/single-issue — 16 — $55,700

2006 through 2013, 2nd Biggest Beneficiary of Contributions from Pharma to a State Candidate

Herb Conaway Jr.s campaign received $41,750.

He held up legislation that could cut down on opioid abuse and he is one of the top beneficiary of big pharma campaign contributions.

Show me – Follow the Money

Let Governor Murphy know you want to protect religious exemptions.

To preserve your rights, call Governor Murphy to ask him to veto S2173/A3818 if they make it to his desk.

Conact the Governor

Contact your local legislator. Contact the Senate sponsors of the bill, Loretta Weinberg and Joe Vitale. Let them know you’re paying attention and will not tolerate more of your rights to protect your family away.

Whistle-Blowers Wanted

If you have valuable information and would like to share it with us as we investigate and dig for the truth, please feel free to contact us.

A harrowing tale of corruption


In the unscrupulous brainwashed world.

Big Businesses are Killing Us.