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STOP Tearing Good Families Apart!

Chemo is Toxic

A harrowing tale of medical kidnapping


and forced medical treatments

Without Pharmaceuticals

Disease is Curable & Preventable

but they do not want you to know

Chemotherapy Can Be Very Deadly

A Story of a Mother’s Fight to Save Her Daughter’s Life

Independent thinking, loving, caring families who do not want to subject their child to the horrors of chemotherapy have been victimized beyond belief—it’s called medical kidnapping.

Imagine your eleven-year-old child is almost killed by chemotherapy, flat-lining twice, and then put into a coma with her organs shutting down minutes after chemotherapy is administered, and no one told you these are the potentially documented adverse reactions to the toxic drug. That is an absolutely horrific thought that brings anxiety to anyone’s mind just imagining the situation. Then envisioning after all that you went through, the government steps in and tells you you must have your child do more chemotherapy and very risky surgery. It gets worse. When you say no, they take you to court and remove your parental rights and can no longer protect your daughter from toxic drugs, the brainwashed doctors, and the corrupt system.

This story is beyond ludicrous. Kylee was in a coma from chemotherapy. Her mom Christine said she was dying right in front of her eyes—the chemo was killing her — and they were insisting on doing more chemo while Kylee was still in the coma. She also had severe lung issues, which is also a documented adverse reaction from the chemotherapy, that she was not told about. Christine finally said no more and then was looked upon as the enemy. Christine then started gathering her own facts.

She found that chemotherapy is only 2.1% effective towards a five-year survival. The deceptive, fraudulent part is that they lied straight to her face telling her the possible adverse side effects of chemotherapy were headache, nausea, vomiting and never at any time disclosed the fact that chemotherapy can cause toxic adverse severe life-threatening reactions. They never once showed Christine the package insert to the medication they were using on Kylee, which includes a BLACK LABEL WARNING that clearly says death is an associated adverse side effect risk.

Christine read the black label warning, but it was after she left the hospital. Had she known that chemotherapy is only 2.1% effective at the time in the hospital, this story might have been very different. No one at any time disclosed that to her.  Not one doctor discussed severe adverse side possible side effects with her or spoke of a package insert.

Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapyChemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon or lung cancers. This fact has been documented for over a decade. Yet doctors still use chemotherapy for these tumors…Women with breast cancer are likely to die faster with chemo than without it.” —Alan Levin, M.D.

Package Insert Black Box Warning that Was Never Discussed

Christine read the package insert and the black label warning after they left the hospital, which says;

Very bad and sometimes deadly lung or breathing problems have happened with Ifosfamide. Sometimes, people have fallen into a coma. These were the exact adverse side effects Kylee was having from chemotherapy along with flatlining, but doctors adamantly insisted on giving her more chemo.

Christine fled to save Kylee’s life by avoiding the chemotherapy that had already once killed her daughter. We ask you, would you not run to save your child’s life? Did you click on the package insert link? Would you be terrified for your daughter’s life after she had already died and was brought back and was then put into a coma after a second treatment? Imagine if you had a package inserted in your hand which explained the numerous deadly adverse side effects while also verifying that the drug is exactly what killed your child. We ask you, would you flee if the doctors and the system demand you do more chemotherapy?

Is your doctor showing you the package insert of the chemotherapy drugs? Are they discussing in detail the true possible adverse reactions that include death? Christine’s doctor did not—but now she knew the truth that was hidden from her, and she was terrified for her daughter’s life. After they left the hospital, Kylee improved greatly by using nutrition, supplements, and CBD oil.

The devastating, grueling chemotherapy had damaged little Kylee’s body, and Christine absolutely knew more chemo would kill her daughter.

Chemotherapy Makes Tumors Grow

Interestingly, rates of tumor cell repopulation have been shown to accelerate in the intervals between successive courses of treatment, and solid tumors commonly show initial responses followed by rapid regrowth and subsequent resistance to further chemotherapy.

Up to 50% of all patients in some hospitals that start chemotherapy die within 30 days. Many doctors are against chemotherapy and believe the cancer does not kill, the chemotherapy kills. Many doctors admit they would never allow family members near any chemotherapy treatment.

Kylee’s story is a prime example of fraud and corruption in the police state we all live in today. What gives the government the right to choose which method of care we want for our children?

Have the pharmaceutically influenced politicians corrupted every last detail within the pharma/medical system to the point that they dictate your treatment or your child is taken or you go to jail? —Even if it kills the child?

Chemotherapy is a 200 billion dollar a year industry, yet studies show that you are four times more likely to survive cancer without chemotherapy. This toxic, debilitating industry has propagandized the masses to believe it has some benefit. There are a plethora of people curing even stage four cancer around the world without pharmaceuticals, yet this is hidden from you – purposely.

The sicker we are, the better the GDP. If they admit that simple, easy, effective, affordable ways to cure cancer, our economy will come tumbling down when this 200 billion dollar a year industry crashes. There is a lot at stake, and pharma puts billions of dollars into protecting their industry and propagandizing society.

The body fights off cancer many times throughout our lives. The body is smarter than any doctor that wants to put poison in an already suffering body. When we support our bodies’ natural ability to fight cancer by giving it nutrients, CBD oil, herbs, supplements, and avoid toxicity, cancer is reversed, controlled, or cured.

We were invited to an event just last week. A doctor, Dr. Fuhrman, who is curing cancer with nutrition had hundreds of people attend. We stood amongst people who have cured their cancer by avoiding chemo and supporting their bodies by feeding it the nutrients it needs to create a strong immune system.

Chemotherapy wreaks havoc on the immune system, the body’s primary defense, and the best chance at beating cancer. Not only does it destroy the body’s innate ability to fight off cancer, but it also causes devastating and often deadly side effects.  It is not a question of whether you will get any, it is a question of how many will you get—and will they be deadly? And when and if secondary cancer arrives.

 Doctor Julian Whitaker, M.D.

“I look upon cancer in the same way that I look upon heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, or even obesity, for that matter, in that by dramatically strengthening the body’s immune system through diet, nutritional supplements, and exercise, the body can rid itself of the cancer, just as it does in other degenerative diseases.  Consequently, I wouldn’t have chemotherapy and radiation because I’m not interested in therapies that cripple the immune system, and, in my opinion, virtually ensure failure for the majority of cancer patients.” —Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D.

Has the profit-driven pharma industry gone too far? 

Poisoning children with chemotherapy, Adderall, antidepressants, and other toxic medications are acceptable today. Yet stopping a child’s chemotherapy after it kills her, she is brought back to life, her organs are shutting down and puts her in a coma, gets your child taken away by protective services?

Let’s Spell it Out.

  1. The first round of chemotherapy flat lines your child. She dies minutes after receiving chemotherapy but is brought back to life.
  2. The doctors convince you that it will never happen again, they have it all figured out, and in your high-stress emotional state, you agree to more chemotherapy, and it puts your daughter into a coma.
  3.  The third round of chemo makes her organs shut down, and she causes an extremely severe lung issue.
  4. While your child is in that same coma, the doctor tells you, you must do more chemotherapy while she is in the coma caused by chemotherapy and already killed/flatlined your daughter.
  1. You start to question everything and ask for a second opinion and it is denied.
  2. Your child starts recovering. You give them nutrition, vitamins, supplements and CBD oil. You finally, with the help of an attorney, are allowed to leave the hospital.
  3. You research and  find that your child s adverse reactions to the toxic drug was a very well known reaction listed on the package insert in the black box warning that you were never given.
  4. The doctor threatens to have you put in jail if you do not go back for more treatment.

We sincerely ask you, would you flee with your child to protect him or her?

We will go into extensive detail about  Christine and Kylee’s story, how nutrition cures disease, the toxicity of chemotherapy, the benefits of CBD oil, and the cancer cure cover-up in the documentary series “Dying for Profits.” Please sign up for our newsletter and share our memes. You will see Kylee’s story in our Documentary Series.  We will help Christine and Hope Warriors stop medical kidnapping and get Kylee back in her mom’s custody. Please even make a small donation to help her with legal fees.

A documentary series that stands up for informed consent and the right to refuse toxic chemotherapy to be used on your children.  Alternative methods cure cancer. Toxic chemotherapy does not. Check out our Movie or Donate to help us create it.

Please contact us if you can help.

Nutrition Along With CBD Oil Helps Kylee

Kylee’s mom chose the all-natural route only after her daughter was killed by chemotherapy and then brought back to life.  Her treatment with food, nutrition, supplements, and CBD oil shrank Kylee’s tumor after chemotherapy almost killed her. Kylee is currently treated with CBD oil, vitamins, and natural alternatives, but she is no longer doing it under her mom’s roof.

The state of Oregon has taken Kylee from her mom because she chose to flee with her to save her life. They still took her from her custody even though it is a proven fact that her cancer is shrinking and chemo almost took Kylee’s life. Kylee is doing fantastic, and she is much better than when she was doing the chemotherapy that almost killed her and shut down her organs, and put her in a coma. But Kylee may be at risk since her mom has no way of knowing if her daughter is really eating organic foods, taking supplements, and on a strict CBD oil regimen, which has been curing her cancer. So in a sense, is the state bringing back the cancer?

If the state gives Kylee more chemotherapy or surgery that we all know can, and very well, might kill her, can we charge them with murder? Kylee already had the deadly side effects listed on the package insert of the chemo drug. Let’s put them on notice.

The stress on the child has taken its toll. More studies on stress causing illness than we can even count, but the state thinks Kylee is the safest with a strange foster family and refuses to put her with a family member.  Christine said the courts think she is a flight risk.  But we ask, does that make the court guilty when the holistic treatment strictly enforced is not given properly by the foster parents? To cure cancer, you must abide by a rigorous regimen.

Should we go so far as to say that the pharmaceutical industry does not want people curing their cancers with CBD oil because the entire political system is controlled by the pharmaceutical industry and want to suppress cancer? Many people are starting to understand that pharma owns the politicians and this system that controls medical kidnapping. Are lobbying dollars to blame for the corruption of the system? Pharma poured a record $27.5 million on lobbying in 2018.

The drug they gave Kylee had a black label warning:


  • This medicine may lower the ability of your bone marrow to make blood cells that your body needs. This can lead to needing a blood transfusion and very bad and sometimes deadly bleeding problems or infections. Tell your doctor right away if you have signs of infection like fever, chills, or sore throat, any bruising or bleeding; or if you feel very tired or weak.
  • You will need your blood work checked before starting ifosfamide and during treatment. Talk with your doctor.
  • This medicine may cause very bad and sometimes deadly nervous system problems. These include brain problems, hallucinations, and confusion. Sometimes, people have fallen into a coma. Nervous system problems may start within a few hours after getting ifosfamide and may last for 2 to 3 days after stopping it. Talk with the doctor.
  • Kidney problems like kidney failure have happened with ifosfamide. Tell your doctor if you have ever had kidney problems.
  • This medicine may cause blood in the urine and bladder pain. Talk with the doctor.
  • Warning

    Intravenous route (Powder for Solution)

    Myelosuppression can be severe and lead to fatal infections. Monitor blood counts prior to and at intervals after each treatment cycle. CNS toxicities can be severe and result in encephalopathy and death. Monitor for CNS toxicity and discontinue treatment for encephalopathy. Nephrotoxicity can be severe and result in renal failure. Hemorrhagic cystitis can be severe and can be reduced by the prophylactic use of mesna.

From the Package Insert:

  • Heart problems like heart failure and certain very bad abnormal heartbeats have happened with Ifosfamide. Sometimes, these heart problems have been deadly.
  • Very bad and sometimes deadly lung or breathing problems have happened with ifosfamide. KYLEE HAD SEVERE LUNG DAMAGE.
  • Very bad and sometimes deadly liver problems have happened with Ifosfamide.

Sometimes People Have Fallen into a Comma! Just like it made Kylee do.

Chemotherapy is often not effective, and it can make cancer grow.

Let’s take a look at some facts, some of which have been hidden from us. Most people are not aware of how extremely toxic chemo is and what minimal effect it has—if any.  Doctors and the mainstream lead you down the deceptive path of avoidance, so you may not be aware of these facts, but Kylee’s mom is now well versed. She was intelligent, aware, educated, and gathered the information she needed to make a well-informed choice. We absolutely agree with her and stand behind every move she made. She has absolutely every right as a parent to make her own decisions for her daughters’ care. Chemotherapy is toxic, can be deadly, causes secondary cancers, and the mainstream will not let you know that people are curing their own cancers with food, nutrition, herbs, supplements, and CBD oil.

Chemotherapy has an overall effectiveness rate of 2.1% towards a five year survival, as Christine found out after she left the hospital. 2.1%, In other words, is ineffective. Are you aware that chemotherapy causes secondary cancers and destroys the immune system? The only real defense the body has to reverse cancer? Did you know chemo can make cancerous tumors grow?

Kylee, an eleven-year-old girl, was diagnosed with liver cancer. Doctors told the family she had four weeks to live and needed to administer chemotherapy immediately on this aggressive tumor. After the first chemotherapy administration, Kylee immediately had a severe adverse reaction and went into a coma.

Although Christine was extremely concerned, highly suspicious, and her gut told her not to do more of this, they lied to her telling her things while leaving out many facts and convinced her to do more chemotherapy.

A few of the possible toxic adverse side effects of chemotherapy drugs

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Shock
  • Seizures
  • Coma (can cause death)
  • Heart Failure (can cause death)
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Heart Rhythm Changes (can cause death)
  • Cardiomyopathy – Heart muscle becomes weak, enlarged or stiff (can cause death)
  • Can Cause Permanent Damage to the Heart (can cause death)
  • Congestive Heart Failure –  (can cause death)
  • Azotemia – High levels of nitrogen in the blood (can cause death)
  • Cancer – Chemotherapy causes second cancers (can cause death)

Information is taken directly from the package insert that the doctor is supposed to show you and never does.

We live in a world where, at any given moment, you can be in this position. Please donate to help with legal and medical bills, and please sign up for our newsletter to follow the filming of this documentary,

They told her Kylee had only four weeks to live and needed to attack the tumor immediately aggressively. People who are watching their child die or in the midst of this extreme stress are most likely, not thinking clearly. They can easily be swayed and manipulated. After the severe adverse reactions, her gut instinct and common sense kicked into high gear, and she started to question and research every last detail.

Christine quickly and easily concluded that she was being lied to by doctors. She then wanted an immediate second opinion.  The doctors gave her a hard time, and now, at this point, it was more of a battle than a cooperative fight for Kylee’s life. The mom was now the enemy. The doctor even went so far as to tell Christine to “Stay off of the internet.” Christine felt deceived and manipulated because she did her own research and discovered the truth. The more she questioned the doctor, and the more she became aware of the facts, the more aggressive the doctor became.

Christine wanted to transfer her daughter to St. Jude’s hospital. She was denied that opportunity. Christine received a letter from St Jude stating Kylee had two different cancers, including lung cancer, and the letter said they would not transfer her. Christine believes the doctor may have sent this inaccurate information to St. Jude’s, so she could not transfer her care. Kylee did not have lung cancer. She is highly suspicious that this may have been done maliciously due to how this doctor treated her.

We all like to trust that the doctor’s profits are not their purpose, but we have to wonder why Christine was treated so horribly? After manipulating her into allowing more chemo for the third time, Kylee had seizures and convulsions and again went into a coma. She did not wake up for days, and they still wanted to do more chemotherapy yet again!

I could not even walk, talk or breathe on my own. Hear it straight from Kylee.

Christine had been giving Kylee CBD oil, nutrition, supplements, and the holistic immune-boosting regimen known to cure cancer. Her numbers were coming back in line, and her health greatly improved, and Christine attributes this regimen to this. One night Christine started to leave the hospital with her daughter after recovering, and they were told they were not going anywhere. They said if she did not turn around and go back to the room, they would have her arrested.

A nurse had suggested getting an attorney involved. She had seen this happen before and knew it would help her, and it did. They were finally free to leave the hospital and go home once he wrote a letter advising the hospital of Christine’s rights. The hospital agreed to release her.

Kylee had to go to get the IV port cleaned once a week by this same doctor.  At the first appointment, the doctor again asked her when she was coming back for more treatment? She told her she was not coming back to see her after what she did with the St. Jude hospital. The doctor told her if she did not come back for treatment, she would call DHS.  She also started saying that it would be her fault if her daughter dies. Christine told her to stop having this kind of conversation in front of her daughter. The doctor even went so far as to scream obscenities at her, threatening to have her put in jail.

Christine said the doctor started retaliating and got DHS to go to her house.  At midnight that night, Christine had four friends pack up her entire 4 bedroom home into a U-haul and left for Washington. Christine could not find a naturopathic doctor to treat Kylee with the holistic cure to cancer because she was a minor. She had called all over the country, and no one would do anything due to Kylee’s age.

Christine finally found a doctor who was willing to send her packages overnight with cannabidiol suppositories created in a doctor’s lab. The doctor was unwilling to send the IV CBD oil unless she could find another naturopathic doctor to administer it in an office setting.

The authorities arrested Christine, took her rights to govern her child’s medical treatment, and put Kylee in a foster home. Many family members were ready, willing, and able to take Kylee, and the courts wanted no part of it. Christine has 8 sisters, yet Kylee is in the care of strangers.

Let’s Group Together and Change this Madness

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Quotes from Renowned Doctors and Scientists

What the experts are saying

“We have a multi-billion dollar industry that is killing people, right and left, just for financial gain. Their idea of research is to see whether two doses of this poison is better than three doses of that poison.”

—Glen Warner, M.D. oncologist.

As a chemist trained to interpret data, it is incomprehensible to me that physicians can ignore the clear evidence that chemotherapy does much, much more harm than good.”

—Dr. Alan C. Nixon, past president of the American Chemical Society

“Success of most chemotherapy is appalling…There is no scientific evidence for its ability to extend in any appreciable way the lives of patients suffering from the most common organic cancer…chemotherapy for malignancies too advanced for surgery which accounts for 80% of all cancers is a scientific wasteland.”

—Dr. Ulrich Abel. 1990

“After analysing cancer survival statistics for several decades, Dr Hardin Jones, Professor at the University of California, concluded “…patients are as well, or better off untreated.”

“I look upon cancer in the same way that I look upon heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, or even obesity, for that matter, in that by dramatically strengthening the body’s immune system through diet, nutritional supplements, and exercise, the body can rid itself of the cancer, just as it does in other degenerative diseases.  Consequently, I wouldn’t have chemotherapy and radiation because I’m not interested in therapies that cripple the immune system, and, in my opinion, virtually ensure failure for the majority of cancer patients.

—Dr Julian Whitaker, M.D

“Finding a cure for cancer is absolutely contraindicated by the profits of the cancer industry’s chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery cash trough.”—Dr. Diamond, M.D.

Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapyChemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon or lung cancers. This fact has been documented for over a decade. Yet doctors still use chemotherapy for these tumors…Women with breast cancer are likely to die faster with chemo than without it.” —Alan Levin, M.D.

“NCI now actually anticipates further increases, and not decreases, in cancer mortality rates, from 171/100,000 in 1984 to 175/100,000 by the year 2000!” –Samuel Epstein.

“I look upon cancer in the same way that I look upon heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, or even obesity, for that matter, in that by dramatically strengthening the body’s immune system through diet, nutritional supplements, and exercise, the body can rid itself of the cancer, just as it does in other degenerative diseases.  Consequently, I wouldn’t have chemotherapy and radiation because I’m not interested in therapies that cripple the immune system, and, in my opinion, virtually ensure failure for the majority of cancer patients.” —Dr Julian Whitaker, M.D.

“He said, “I’m giving cancer patients over here at this major cancer clinic drugs that are killing them, and I can’t stop it because they say the protocol’s what’s important.” And I say, “But the patient’s not doing well.” They say, “The protocol’s what’s important, not the patient.” And he said, “You can’t believe what goes on in the name of medicine and science in this country.”–Dr. Gary Null

Toxic Side Effects of Cancer Drugs

This is only a small part of the side effects list. This list is taken from the package inserts of chemo drugs.

Many of these side effects can be permanent and many of them can kill you or lead to death.


Abdominal Pain
Acid Indigestion
Allergic  Reactions
Alopecia – the absence of hair
Anaphylaxis – Can Cause Death
Arthralgias – joint pain
Asthenia – weakness
Ataxia – lack of muscle coordination, swallowing, picking up objects etc
Azotemia – High levels of nitrogen in the blood – If the kidneys cannot remove it can cause  heart failure, liver disease or damage – Can Cause Death


Bone Pain
Bleeding Problems
Blood Clots – Can Cause Death
Blood Pressure Changes
Blood Test Abnormalities
Breathing Problems
Low White Blood Cell Count – Can Cause Death


Cardiomyopathy – Heart muscle becomes weak, enlarged or stiff – Can Cause Permanent Damage to the Heart and Death
Cardiotoxicity  – Damage to the heart
Congestive Heart Failure – Can Cause Death
Cranial nerve neuropathy


Central Neurotoxicity – Confusion, memory problems and seizures Can Cause Death
Chemo Brain – Thinking and memory problems, cognitive impairment or dysfunction
Chest Pain
Cognitive Problems
Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)
Cystitis – Inflammation of the urinary bladder


Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) – Blood Clot deep in the body – Can Cause Death
Dry Eye Syndrome
Dyspnea – Shortness of breath


Early Satiety – feeling full
Edema – water retention in cavities or tissues
Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) changes
Electrolyte Imbalance
Esophagitis – Inflammation of the esophagus
Eye Problems


Feeling Faint
Flu-like Syndrome


Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
Genital Pain
Granulocytopenia – Decreased granulocytes (a type of white blood cell) Can Cause Death
Gynecomastia – Enlargement of man’s breasts


Hand-Foot Syndrome – redness swelling, pain palm of hands soles of feet
Hearing Loss
Heart Failure
Heart Palpitations
Heart Problems – Can Cause Death
Heart Rhythm Changes – Can Cause Death
Hematoma – a blood clot – Can Cause Death
Hemorrhagic Cystitis – Sudden onset of hematuria and bladder pain
Hematuria – Blood in urine
Hepatotoxicity – Chemical-driven liver damage – Can Cause Death
High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
High Liver Enzymes
Hypercalcemia (High Calcium) – Causes bone pain, abnormal heart rhythms, confusion, anxiety, high blood pressure – Can Cause Death
Hyperchloremia (High Chloride) – Kidneys control levels in the blood, can be related to your kidneys
Hyperglycemia (High Blood Sugar)
Hyperkalemia (High Potassium) – Causes tiredness, chest pain, irregular heartbeats, trouble breathing, vomiting Can Cause Death
Hyperlipidemia (High Lipase) – Excess pancreatic enzyme
Hypophosphatemia (Low Phosphorus) – included changes in mental state, confusion, anxiety, and bone issues


Hyperlipasemia (High Lipase) – Excess pancreatic enzyme
Hypermagnesemia (High Magnesium) usually related to renal failure or poor kidney function. Causes low blood pressure, neurological impairment, vomiting, nausea. Can lead to heart problems, difficulty breathing, shock and coma. Can Cause Death
Hypernatremia (High Sodium) – Can cause nausea, fatigue, and headache
Hyperphosphatemia (High Phosphorus) – Rare except for people with severe kidney dysfunction, the kidneys do not excrete enough phosphate.
Hyperpigmentation – Dark patches and spots on the skin
Hypersensitivity Reactions – Immune system reacts abnormally to a foreign substance
Hypertriglyceridemia (High Triglycerides)
Hyperuricemia (High Uric Acid) – Strongly associated with renal disease, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic syndrome
Hypoalbuminemia (Low Albumin) – Seen in Shock, malnutrition, and inflammation –
Hypocalcemia (Low Calcium)
Hypochloremia (Low Chloride)
Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)
Hypokalemia (Low Potassium) – Symptoms include weakness, tiredness, cramping in muscles, abdominal cramping and more
Hypomagnesemia (Low Magnesium) – Symptoms are usually subtle. May cause osteoporosis,  mental problems, irregular heartbeat Can Cause Death
Hyponatremia (Low Sodium) – Symptoms include nausea, headache, confusion, and fatigue



Iron Deficiency Anemia


Kidney Problems


Bilirubin – Destruction of red blood cells
Leukopenia – Reduction of white blood cells Can Cause Death
Low Libido
Liver Dysfunction
Loss of Libido
Low Blood Counts
Low Blood Pressure
Low Platelet Count
Low Red Blood Cell Count
Lung Problems

M, N

Memory Loss
Metallic Taste
Mouth Sores
Muscle Pain
Neuritic Pain
Neutropenic Fever
Nephrotoxicity – Kidney Toxicity
Neutropenia – Low White Blood Count Can Cause Death
Neutropenic Fever – The most common invective complication can cause sepsis, sepsis shock and death
Nose Bleeds


Ototoxicity – Damage to inner ear responsible for hearing and balance
Optic nerve neuropathy


Pericarditis – Inflammation of membrane enclosing the heart Can Cause Death
Peripheral Neuropathy – Nerve damage
Proteinuria – reduced kidney function, bone pain, fatigue, confusion, dizziness – Can Cause Death
Pulmonary Embolus (PE) – Blood Clot Can Cause Death
Pulmonary Fibrosis – Lung Disease
Pulmonary Toxicity – Damage to the lungs – Can Cause Death
Pancytopenia – Deficiency of cells Can Cause Death


Radiation Recall – Severe skin reaction
Retina damage; cataracts
Rapid Heart Beat
Rectal Bleeding
Ringing Ears


SECONDARY MALIGNANCIES – Chemo Causes Second Cancers

Secondary acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) and myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS)
Seizures and coma – Can Cause Death
Sensory impairment
Sensory loss
Shortness of breath
Slapping gait
Sores in the mouth and on the lips
Spitting of blood that originated in the lungs or bronchial tubes.
Swelling of the feet or lower legs

Chemotherapy Makes Tumors Grow – Read the Science

Substantially elevated in PSC27 fibroblasts after genotoxic damage,.

Notably, the expression of WNT16B increased between eightfold and 64-fold as a result of these treatments (P < 0.005)

In other words, chemotherapy causes cancer.

Treatment-induced damage to the tumor microenvironment promotes prostate cancer therapy resistance through WNT16B

WNT16B protein was substantially and significantly increased after chemotherapy in the periglandular stroma, which included fibroblasts and smooth muscle cells (P < 0.01)

Chemotherapy Causes Cancer

  • Chemotherapy and radiation may weaken the immune system, making it easier for second cancers to develop.
  • Chemotherapy may cause the bone marrow to make abnormal cells. This can cause cancer.
  • Radiation causes damage to healthy cells. This damage can cause cancer.
  • A common time for cancers to develop is from five to nine years after completion of treatment. Many do not survive a second cancer. That is one reason why they will not discuss any survival rate after five years.

It is on the packag inserts and clearly states chemotherapy drugs can cause secondary cancers.

CBD Oil shrinks tumors in mice.

CBD inhibits cell proliferation and invasion of 4T1 cells (mammary metastatic cell line) and reduces primary tumor volume as well as lung metastasis in 4T1-xenografted orthotopic model of nude mice [].

Cannabis oil stops metastasis in breast cancer.

Cannabinoids inhibit breast tumor growth in vivo and the number of tumors generated per animal.

Cannabinoid-mediated cell death of primary MCL cells and MCL cell lines

In most instances, apoptosis is the mode of cell death. However, in this report we show that other PCD mechanisms may also induce cell death in MCLs, widening the potential therapeutic usefulness of cannabinoids. The death pathway described in this report was seen both in primary MCLs from two tissues of one patient as well as in the MCL cell line Granta519. MCL cells that are resistant to cannabinoid-induced apoptotic cell death die via cytoplasmic vacuolation upon cannabinoid treatment.

The Contribution of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy to 5-year Survival in Adult Malignancies