The Veracity Foundation Dying For Profit$ – 110 minute documentary

What we will cover

Dying For-Profits

Why We Are All So Sick and How Do We Avoid Disease

Deficiency and Toxicity the Root of Disease

What do you need to do to avoid being a cog in the big businesses’ wheel of profits and take back control of your health? A complete guide to getting off medications, curing what ails you naturally, and supporting alternative medicine when needed. We educate you on how it is possible to cure your diseases and the toxicity of pharmaceuticals. We enlighten and guide you to show what you need to do to help yourself.

We give you details about the doctors who are curing diseases and not just covering symptoms with chemicals that may cause toxic adverse side effects.

Dying For-Profits

Cancer Cure – Toxic Chemotherapy and How to Avoid Cancer

There are safer alternatives to current cancer treatments. There is also a Doctor who cures people of cancer. More to come as our segment takes shape. Have you read the cytotoxic chemotherapy drug package inserts? Are you aware that they list many deadly side effects, yet doctors do not hand you the package insert, which explains the details of the potential adverse side effects, many of which can be deadly? This means you are treating without informed consent. What if we listed all the deadly side effects and then gave you the name of a doctor who is curing cancer without all of those deadly risks?

There are safe, non-toxic ways to cure cancer. We explore what the mainstream does not want you to know to make informed choices by bringing you the facts and the alternatives. We also show you how you can make changes that will help you to avoid cancer in the first place.

Dying For-Profits

Vaccination – What they don’t want you to know

The truth is purposely hidden from us. Vaccines are not safer and or effective. The propaganda machine has been hard at work projecting a false reality. We will bring to you several stories of vaccine injuries. We explain to you why you have been lied to all of these years. We will expose the fraud and deception from the FDA the CDC to the pharmaceutical industry and the paid-off lobbying system. Sickness is a big business.

We will bring you the facts you need to decide for your family based on the truth and peer-reviewed science. This is a must-see for all parents. Some so many people are no longer vaccinating. We will explain exactly what they know and why there have been 4.3 billion dollars paid out due to vaccine injuries.

Dying For-Profits

Food Addiction and How Big Businesses Make Us Sick

We explore the toxic and addictive chemicals inside your foods. Did you know that there are seven “Natural Flavors” in your food that are known cancer causes?  The word natural is not regulated, and they do not have to disclose what the ingredients are—a back door into foods that is unregulated.

Dying For-Profits

Autoimmune Diseases are Curable

We bring you information from functional medicine doctors who are curing autoimmune diseases. They are helping people get off toxic drugs, some of which have side effects that mimic the symptoms of autoimmune diseases. Some of the side effects are potentially deadly. There is a better way that the mainstream will not discuss.

Dying For-Profits Segment

The Truth About Heart Disease and How to Prevent and Reverse It